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Welcome to FIN-Tape, the tape that has the leading edge.

The story of FIN-Tape began 10 years ago with a dairy farmers desire to apply water without the frustration of hot gusty Norwest wind slowing rotary irrigators and seeing precious water blow away from the grass that needs it.

  • How can we irrigate direct to the roots?

    On a trip to Texas USA, ten years ago, we saw a field of cotton being irrigated by underground drip irrigation tape, the cotton was lush and growing strong in the Texas heat.

  • The question was, could New Zealand pasture be watered the same way?

    Research revealed a range of drip tape technologies utilising different ways to regulate even water drip rates along the length of tape, some more effective than others.

  • All but one tape company used the softer polyethylene plastic.

    The initial visit to a factory in California to see this tough polypropylene tape and to purchase a trial lot grew to leasing a factory in San Joaquin, setting up extrusion moulds to make FIN-Tape, the unique high quality, impact resistant, labyrinth style drip tape, designed to drip water with 99% uniformity.

  • Now it is time to find out. Let the test begin.

    8 Ha section installed with FIN-Tape at 1000 ml centres 250 ml deep and sown with a rye/clover pasture mix on 11th November 2012.

    The founder and designer of this unique drip technology began his first production run some 25 years ago in Israel; his name is Mr Gideon Gilead. We can thank him for bringing a dream to reality for our benefit today.

Why Choose Fin-tape? We’ll Tell You!

  • Precise water placement in the root zone.
  • Tough but flexible, high impact, non-stretch, polypropylene plastic.
  • Closely spaced emitters create a continuous wet strip
  • Dripper is moulded in the FIN to prevent accidental detachment; no additions, dislocation or disconnection.
  • Slow drip rate (1 litre per metre per hour), = long laterals and reduced water leaching.
  • No washing of effluent into soil profile, dilutes what flows from soil surface.
  • Exceptionally strong and durable.
  • Amazingly clog resistant with FIN positioned top side of tape in soil.
  • Long dripper labyrinth allows large water passages, minimising blockages.
  • Totally resistant to water soluble chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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