Drip tape irrigation.

Water direct to the root zone – no diluting of effluent or fertilizer above ground.
Precise water application, any amount any time, the whole section watered at once; no run off if running late to shift runs.

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Tape depth 250 mls

Taken March 12th, 5 days after second grazing. Average 1.8mls per day from mid January 2013 to March 6th. Grass sown November 22, 2012, note roots at drip tape.

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Click here to see a trail of Fin-tape in action!The trail is created from images captured at 15 minute intervals starting 13th February 2013.

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  • Design

    Proven irrigation technology – New to Canterbury pasture.

  • Flexible

    Solution for pivot corners, triangle paddocks & inefficient irrigator runs.

  • Pressure

    Low pressure whole paddock watering, 0.5-1.2 bar (7-20 lb)

  • Easy to Edit

    Water direct to the root zone – sounds great.

  • Easy

    No more K-lines or sprinklers to shift.

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